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Why Cahners & Donahue Associates?

We are different from most consultants you may meet.

  • We have been, and continue to be, non-profit professionals, board members, board chairs, and active volunteers. This gives us a unique perspective, allowing us to understand better the needs of our clients.

  • We take the time to understand your mission, your priorities, and your organization’s culture.

  • We can counsel, guide, and work with you “in the trenches.”

  • We are creative problem solvers, willing to explore and entertain alternative approaches to the challenges and opportunities facing our clients.

C&D’s knowledge, skills, and gentle approach made the process of starting and growing our board not only doable, but also fun. As a result of working with C&D, we created a 10-member board, organized a successful fundraising event, developed a promotional packet, and created a full time executive director position. C&D helped us gain confidence working with our board of directors and running our organization in general.

Sandra Rizkallah

Executive Director, Plugged In Teen Band

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